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Central Amsterdam is small and despite the circular system of canals — or perhaps because of it — remarkably logical.

The city maintains an excellent electric tram system, and canal "buses" and water taxis also are available. Get tickets in advance for Amsterdam's biggest tourist attractions:

The Rijksmuseum

Home to a breathtaking collection of paintings by Dutch greats: Rembrandt, Vermeer, Steen and others.

The Van Gogh Museum

The collection tells the artist's tragic life story through his art, from failed schoolmaster to preacher to art pioneer — and, finally, to his suicide.

The Anne Frank Museum

Long lines are common to enter the storied cluster of rooms where Otto Frank sequestered his family for two years while the Nazis went about their mission of rounding up Jews throughout Europe.

Frank's two companies — one that made a jelling agent for jam and the other, a seasoning for meat — were headquartered in a house built in 1635, along a canal in West Amsterdam. Behind the offices was a secret annex, where Frank's daughter Anne holed up with the family and kept the journal, "The Diary of Anne Frank," which would later sell 30 million copies.

Bike rentals

It's all about the bike in Holland. Rent one and feel like a local (but stay safe).

Red Light District

The Rossebuurt (Dutch for ‘pink’ or ‘red’ neighborhood) is one of the oldest and most beautiful parts of the city, with winding, narrow, cobbled streets and charming 14th century architecture. It might be well-known for other reasons, too. We're not sure.