Friday, May 28th
Event: Rehearsal Dinner
Location: Sea Palace

Saturday, May 29th
Event: Ceremony
Location: Tassenmuseum

Event: Reception
Location: Amsterdam's canals

Event: Dinner
Location: NH Doelen Hotel

Sunday, May 30th
Event: Brunch
Location: Brasserie Harkema

Event: Optional boat tour of city
Location: Amsterdam's canals



Tourists visiting The Netherlands don't need a visa for entry, but the country does require a passport that is valid for at least three months beyond arrival. (Pack a photocopy in case your original is lost or stolen).

Consult the Dutch embassy in Washington, D.C., for more information about the requirements. Oh, just so you know, "travellers should not present a danger to public order or national security," according to the authorities there.


Airfare from the U.S. to Amsterdam round-trip costs between $750 to $1,400, depending on when you fly and when you purchase your ticket. We will send out emails to everyone invited with deals when we see them. Don't plan for ground transportation from the airport. We are arranging for all guest transportation to and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (pronounced "shh-kip-hole").

If you arrive at this airport, we will arrange to pick you up (please include updated flight info in the RSVP).

If you are coming in by train, contact us with when you will be getting in so we can have someone meet you or give you the best way to get from the station to your hotel.

Practical Tips

Europe relies on a different electrical system than North America. The shape of the plug and the wattage is different. If you pack an American computer or small appliances, be sure to bring an adapter (available at Radio Shack or Best Buy). You'll need the converter with two round prongs.

The exchange rate is hovering around €1.44 Euro to $1. To use a European ATM, you'll need a debit card. We recommend bringing cash to avoid bank transaction fees, but be sure to keep your cash safe, as thieves target tourists.

The Dutch generally speak English, and as you probably know, Amsterdam is the capital of alternative lifestyles. "A city where nothing's illegal as long as nobody gets hurt," writes Rick Steves.